Events List

Year 7 Orientation Day

Date: December 10,2019

Time: All Day

EXCURSION—Year 3/4 Scienceworks Robotics

Date: December 10,2019

Time: 09:00:am - 03:00:pm

Whole School Celebration Picnic

Date: December 11,2019

Time: 05:30:pm - 07:30:pm

Keyboard Performance at Assembly 2:45 pm

Date: December 13,2019

Time: 02:45:pm - 03:00:pm

Held in the Hall
Whole School Transition Day

Date: December 17,2019

Time: All Day

EXCURSION—Year Prep to Year 4 Movies

Date: December 18,2019

Time: 10:00:am - 01:30:pm

EXCURSION—Year 5/6’s Tooronga Park & Bounce

Date: December 18,2019

Time: 09:00:am - 03:15:pm

Last Day of Term 4—Dismissal 3:15 pm

Date: December 19,2019

Time: All Day

Curriculum Day—No School

Date: December 20,2019

Time: All Day

School Closed for students