Prep 2020 Transition Information & Booking Form

Starting school is a time full of emotions for both you and your child. To assist with a smooth transition from home/kinder to school we invite you to bring your child to our transition sessions on the days listed on the Transition Booking Form.  Kinder staff value the importance of the transition program and support students attending these school sessions.      


Parents are invited to participate in the parent information sessions while their child is involved in the  transition program.


Transition sessions for kinder students and the parent information session will be on Friday’s starting at 10:00am and finishing at 11:00am.


It is beneficial for your child to attend as many transition sessions as possible. Your child will be able to participate in a range of fun activities and meet some new friends. If you are working on these days or unable to bring your child, we encourage you to arrange for a grandparent or a family friend to bring your child to school and pick them up.  Please bring your child to the Prep Wing via the office, at 10:00am. You can enter the school via the front office entrance on Hampshire Road.  Our Sunshine School Buddies will be on hand to welcome you and show you through.


The Kinder to School Transition Booking Form is NOW available online click here. A hardcopy has also been mailed out to families who have enrolled for 2020.