Book Pack Payment

2020 Book Pack Payment Day

Tuesday 28 January 2019

Open: 10:00am — 1:00pm & 1:30pm — 4:00pm


This date is for parents choosing to pay by Cash

Parents paying by BPay do NOT need to come to the school on this day.

We STRONGLY encourage parents use the BPay option to avoid

long waiting periods.


Each family was issued information regarding the 2020 Book Pack and a letter stating their family Biller code and Reference Number. These unique numbers can be used for all students in the family who attend SPS.

We strongly encourage families to make BPay payments over the school holiday’s for their child/children's Book Packs as they must be paid in full by Tuesday 28 January, 2020. This will ensure your child has the necessary resources to start the school year. If you have not paid for the Book Pack by the due date, your child will not have all the items needed to start the year and will have to wait until payment is received before we can provide these essential learning items. Thank you to those families that have paid.