Intervention/Enrichment Program

Literacy Intervention

The Literacy Intervention program at Sunshine Primary School supports students experiencing reading difficulties at school.


The program provides small group instruction for 45 minutes a few times a week and is in addition to the ongoing Literacy activities in the classroom. The activities include a combination of reading and phonics/word study with an emphasis on teaching comprehension strategies.


The students are chosen after looking at data and deciding, with the classroom teacher, who would get the most benefit from the extra assistance.


Enrichment Program

The Enrichment program provides students with an opportunity to deepen and extend their reading and comprehension skills through the use of quality and engaging literature. The program involves small group instruction twice a week, whereby the children are encouraged to discuss and give opinions on the literature we are studying.


English As Additional Language Program.

In English as an Additional Language there is a strong focus on oral language, when both speaking and listening. The children are exposed to quality literature with an emphasis on 'language experience' activities, such as cooking, role play and word games.