Taekwondo Classes

Sunshine Primary School offers Taekwondo classes for upper primary students of Sunshine (Grades 3- 6) run by Mr Leech. Mr Leech holds a 3rd Dan (3rd degree black belt) rank in Rhee International Taekwondo and has been training in various martial arts styles for more than 20 years.


Martial arts taught to young, school aged participants is highly beneficial for their growth and development both physically and mentally. Regular practise in Taekwondo will ensure students achieve a healthy and mobile body and extra focus and attentiveness during school and other pursuits.


Taekwondo aims to achieve the following characteristics in its members:

-  Fitness and good health  

-  Self-defence

-  Self-control

-  Self-discipline

-  Self-confidence

-  Integrity

-  Perseverance               

-  Courtesy and respect