Student Leadership Profile 2020

I am very excited and privileged to announce our student leaders for 2020. The process of choosing the Sunshine Primary School leaders was a very rewarding one. It was very apparent in all of the student’s applications that they had put a lot of thought and effort into their thinking about why they would like to be a student leader. The school captains have already began working with staff and have started leading assemblies Friday afternoons and organising events in the school.

Congratulations to all of our student leaders listed below.

School Captains

Jade  5/6 A

Muhammed  5/6 A

Elwyn  5/6 A

Thuan  5/6 B


Sports Captains

Mila  5/6 B

Kajal  5/6B

Jaskirit  5/6B

Oliver  5/6 A

Martin  5/6 B

Rowan G  5/6 B

Jericho  5/6 A


Junior School Council

London  1/2 A

Mohamed  1/2 B

Mia  1/2 C

Kevin  1/2 D

William  3/4 A

Nuban  3/4 B

Alex  5/6 A

Koray  5/6 B