Numeracy is the effective use of Mathematics to meet the general demands of life at home, in paid work and for participation in community and civil life.

Sunshine Primary School is committed to providing each and every student with the ability and tools to succeed in life, within and beyond our four walls. To ensure that our curriculum is relevant and current, we:

  • Have high expectations of all students and set challenging, yet achievable goals for each individual student.
  • Teach by using real life connections so that students can immediately see the relevance of the lesson and how it relates to them personally.
  • Use continuous assessment strategies to progress students along in line with their own individual needs.
  • Believe that students learn through ‘doing’; therefore provide students with current resources and ‘hands on’ materials.
  • Integrate and take advantage of ICT and other technology to support student learning.
  • Give students the opportunity to learn through and from each other.
  • Constantly strive to improve ourselves as Professionals and teachers of Numeracy. We strongly believe that regardless of what subject areas we may teach, it is everyone’s responsibility to articulate the Numeracy in that area.
  • Enjoy teaching mathematics and thrive on the success of our students!