Currently at Sunshine PS we have 15 teaching staff and 8 support staff. Our teachers are committed to the delivery of quality education with a main focus on our students being rigourous, engaged and happy learners. Our staff work in teams with all grades being composite except for Prep.


Principal Class - Lyn Read (Principal), Kylie Champion (Assistant Principal)

Nick Lovett - Prep L

Eve Richards - Prep R

Emma Muiznieks - Prep M

Lucy Magnano - 1/2 M
Sandra Oji - 1/2 O
Racheal Zappia - 1/2 Z
Jessica Ephgrave - 3/4 E
Rachel Grove - 3/4 G
Jane Lockwood - 3/4 L
Andrea Hennessey & Julie Vella - 5/6 H

Darryl Leech - 5/6 L


Specialist Team - Ray McCredden (PE) & Cherine Fielder (Visual Arts), Joyce Azzopardi (Performing Arts), Karen Calleja (Literacy Support).


Support Team - Paula Willie (Business Manager), Elizabeth Stefanovska (Office Manager), Caroline Parker (Education Support), Cheryl McColl (Education Support), Eril Maina (Education Support), Anh Tran (Education Support/Multi-Cultural Aide),Nancy Son (Education Support), Debbie Klinkermann (Canteen Manager), Rob Suffolk (Maintenance and Grounds).